Latest jobs in Excellence in Molecular Biology 2021. Excellence in Molecular Biology Government of Pakistan. Excellence in Molecular Biology jobs. Excellence in Molecular Biology opportunities. Excellence in Molecular Biology is a educational institute which studied masters and postgraduate in advance studies of molecular biology and its was established in 1986. Govt cemb jobs 2021 are display on this page.

Excellence in Molecular Biology was established as a centre linked to University of Punjab under the supervision of government of Pakistan in 1986 and the building spread over acres of land which contain laboratory block, teaching block and others. The main objective of this centre is to provide teaching and training in molecular biology and DNA tenchnology and perform research on specific problems in agriculture, health, medicine and others. Organizing national and international seminars of discussions and awareness on scientific and technological developments which enhanced to new ideas of knowledge.

The main objective is to provide training and education about molecular and DNA technology with organizing national and international seminars for knowledge and information. Also perform their duty in other industries.