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On this page, You can see All New jobs in Canteen Stores Department 2021. Check Complete detail and information/Advertisement list below and apply in Latest Canteen Stores Department 2021. Bottle Stores Department (CSD) has gone through different stages, since its origin in 1913. Armed force Canteen Board was the primary wander, started basically to provide food for the British Forces in India. Amid 1927-28 this Board was exchanged for Canteen Contractors Syndicate (CCS) Limited. In 1942, CCS progressed toward becoming "CSD Government of India". In August 1947, resources of the CSD India were partitioned amongst Pakistan and India. In this manner rose the 'CSD Pakistan'. You can check, All jobs in CSD(Canteen Stores Department )and other Government Department jobs.  

It had three Transit Depots situated at Karachi, Rawalpindi and Patanga (now Bangladesh) with a capital expense of Rs 2.8 Million. There were no CSD shops, rather there were just CSD Depots. Unit Canteen Contractors drew their necessities straightforwardly from CSD Depots, available to be purchased in Unit Canteens. Add up to labor utilized was 3 Managers, 57 Salesmen and 30 Workmen (under a General Manager situated at CSD Head Office, Karachi).