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Latest jobs in Aiwan - e- Sadar 2021. Aiwan - e- Sadar Government of Pakistan. Career opportunities in Aiwan - e- Sadar 2021. Employment at Aiwan - e- Sadar. Aiwan - e- Sadar is the official residence and workplace which is assigned by government of Pakistan. Govt jobs Presidency Palace Pakistan 2021 are display on this page.

Aiwan - e- Sadar is also known as Presidency Palace which is the official residence and workplace of President of Pakistan in the supervision of government of Pakistan in the control of administration head of Aiwan - e- Sadar and relevant staff. The building of Aiwan - e- Sadar is located on Islamabad the Capital of Pakistan and first president who was lived here during their career is Ghulam Ishaq Khan is the year of 1988 and Aiwan - e- Sadar was constructed during time period of 70s to 90s. And our current President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan also lived here.